GDPR     How was it for you?       Did the sky fall in?


After the email bombardment and mixed messages that we have all experienced about GDPR, it’s time to take a
step back and reflect on a very sensible campaign that the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) has launched, called “Your Data Matters”.

Their brief is a very straightforward one; “increase public trust and confidence in the way personal data is handled”.
This comes at a time when our confidence on how this data is handled is at low ebb, with a recent Direct Marketing Association (DMA) study showing that 86% of consumers would like more control of how data is held and processed.

The ICO campaign has cross-industry support from companies such as PwC, Sainsbury’s, and the BBC.


Find out about your personal data rights and how to find advice concerning its use by third-parties by visiting

Five minutes well spent.

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