Cyber Incident Response

If you have recently experienced a cyber security incident or breach, you may be looking for immediate support. Please contact us about our cyber security response services; Blueloop’s experts can provide you with immediate assistance to minimise disruption and support your organisation’s recovery.

Aside from emergencies, we can also help you to manage and enhance your long-term incident response procedures.

For all enquiries, please call 01460 271055 or use the enquiry form below.

Is your organisation exposed to cyber security risks?

Every business will all have some form of digital exposure, for example online bank accounts, social media pages, customers’ data, network-connected devices, online ordering/payments, websites, email accounts etc. Each of these channels has the potential to leave you exposed, so cyber security is important to everyone, and so is your response to an incident.

Most cyber criminals are not overly fussy about who or where they target, either; anyone can be affected, and the attack may come in a variety of different forms.

Our cyber security Consultancy Services provide guidance and an independent overview on how we can help you manage this complex problem.

Do you need help to prepare for the worst-case scenario?

We hope your business never finds itself in this situation. But, today’s threat landscape is constantly changing, which creates an additional burden on your business and IT staff to mitigate risks wherever possible.

Recent working trends have created additional challenges, and IT departments face increasing pressures to adapt, whilst also keeping cyber security measures strong:

  • Increased use of laptops
  • VPNs
  • Use of Cloud Services
  • The need for improved bandwidth for remote working.

The growth in remote working, in particular, has increased the challenges facing IT Departments and staff.

  • Cyber security and monitoring must be enhanced, but there are additional endpoints to track and manage
  • Malware and anti-virus must be kept up-to-date
  • Hardware/software and systems upgrades are more difficult to manage.

What can we do to reduce the impact of cyber security threats?

Effective incident response requires a clear plan of action. Fortunately, there are various ways to reduce the risk from cyber security threats:

  • Have you taken a Cyber Security Risk Assessment?
  • Have you considering testing your staff and running mock phishing exercises?
  • Maybe carry out a Cyber Security Vulnerability Audit?
  • Or try reviewing the Cyber Security Risks posed by your Supply Chain.

It is also important to review your Cyber Insurance Policy to take into consideration the various ways in which your staff is working, their locations, and the devices they are using.

Penetration tests

We also recommend that regular Penetration Tests are carried out to assess your organisation’s IT network, checking for any risks or exposure to cyber security threats.

Blueloop can carry out four different types of assessments, providing a detailed report which can then be used to identify any remedial work that is necessary.

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus

This is a government-backed accreditation designed to help businesses, regardless of their size, to protect themselves from risks with a cyber incident response plan.

It also demonstrates to your potential customers and suppliers that you take cyber security seriously. A breach in a business’s cyber security could affect the whole supply chain, which is why the majority of government contracts and supply chains now ask that all businesses involved have Cyber Essentials.

There are two different certifications:

  • Cyber Essentials – Cyber Essentials is a self-certification questionnaire to confirm that you are doing the right things
  • Cyber Essentials Plus – includes a technical Assessment to audit your business.

The cost, starting at £300, is minimal for Cyber Essentials Annual Subscription. Once accreditation is gained, your business will be listed on a database of accredited businesses. Certification gives reassurance to your customers and suppliers, attracts new business, and creates a better understanding of the cyber security of your business.

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