Support for IT and digital services in manufacturing

Manufacturers are becoming more reliant on digital services with companies of all sizes implementing or considering technologies from emerging Industry 4.0 and smart factory concepts that drive novel operations and service improvements.

The huge amount of data that is collected and shared through production systems and devices is crucial to a manufacturing business but needs to be stored securely and monitored to maintain availability and prevent loss.

Traditional business applications sit alongside the new technology and are often integrated with it. This software, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other line of business systems, must also be managed.

Case Study: SFM Technology

  • How our expertise and Managed IT Support helps SFM Technology focus on their growth and core businesses.

To enquire about our IT support services for manufacturers, please call 01460 271055 or use the enquiry form below.

For manufacturers productivity is key. The right technology can accelerate many tasks, create efficiencies and improve processes that lead to increased productivity and profitability.

Blueloop are able to help. With our expertise and experience of supporting manufacturers, we know how IT can be critical to your business.

Blueloop collaborate with you to provide the highest quality of managed support, whatever your specific requirements.

Do you need support for legacy manufacturing technology?

It is common for manufacturers to have some legacy equipment that still provides significant value but has control systems that cannot be updated because the original vendor can no longer support it or has ceased trading.

We have come across this and similar situations many times and developed various strategies with customers to support and protect legacy manufacturing technology. For example, software systems can often be virtualised removing their dependency on old hardware and enabling resilience and cyber-security improvements.

For all enquiries, please call 01460 271055 or use the enquiry form below.

How we can help manufacturers

With such a heavy reliance on IT in manufacturing service uptime is critical. Being lean and cost efficient requires resilient and reliable systems that are well maintained, up to date and secure.

Existing and new technology needs access to fast, reliable networking to communicate in real time and good cyber-security can significantly reduce the risk of interruption to operations and services from threats, such as ransomeware.

Blueloop can offer manufacturers many IT services to help manufacturing:

Networks and Connectivity

  • Wireless Audit
  • Network Segmentation Consultancy and Implementation
  • System Monitoring

IT Management and Support

  • Outsourced IT Helpdesk Support with Service Level Agreement response times
  • Independent Project Consultancy including implementation

Resilience and Recovery

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Consultancy
  • Cloud Hosting for Business Continuity
  • Local, Second or Third site replication (customers can visit our local data centre for auditing requirements, etc.)

​Cyber Security

  • A wide range of penetration Testing of both of IT Networks and Social Engineering
  • Monthly/Quarterly Penetrating Audits for compliance requirements
  • Cyber Essentials Consultancy including assistance with submission bid
  • Cyber Security User Training Products

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