Most business owners accept that from time-to-time, there’s a possibility that hardware, software or just human error can cause the failure of your computerised systems, and the loss of important data

Backups allow you to recover lost data more quickly, minimising your organisation’s downtime, but on-site backups to local storage devices can themselves be damaged, stolen or just not set up to run as regularly as they should.

Blueloop’s off-site backup and recovery service offers the ideal solution. Call us on 01460 271055.

What are off-site backups?

An off-site backup is a method of backing up data or applications to a remote server or storage media, which is external to the organisation and its core IT environment.

The process is similar to standard backups, but having the storage media outside your core infrastructure adds an extra layer of protection in the event of malicious attacks, damage or destruction of your primary site.

Our off-site backup service

Blueloop is delighted to be able to offer an Off-Site Backup Service to our customers for their own hosted offsite backups.

This includes VM (Virtual Machine) backups in the form of off-site data backup software, which enables us to hold images of customer systems. This can be activated in the event of a disaster to recover your data.

This activation service can take place as an in-house or off-site facility.

Additional Features of the Service:

  • Blueloop will manage the backup process and resolve any issues as part of the Service
  • Reporting on backup success and storage usage will be distributed on a quarterly/monthly basis
  • Minimum Contract Term is 1 year, billable quarterly/monthly in advance
  • No Implementation charges for orders over £1,000 per annum
  • Annual Disaster Recovery Testing in Blueloop Test Laboratory for orders over £2,000 per annum
  • No additional Invocation Premium. Invocation charged at hourly/standard daily rate
  • Off-site Backup Best Practices
  • Off-site Data Backup Storage and Documented Disaster Recovery process to offer to your auditors/or insurance providers
  • UK-based Hosting

Customers are responsible for providing the appropriate server infrastructure and communications to enable the service, or Blueloop can help with this provision.

Call us on 01460 271055 to discuss your needs, or send a few details on our enquiry form below.

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