Remote and mobile working has been around for some considerable time, and is now increasingly popular. In our fast-changing world, the need for seamless collaboration in a blended work environment is greater than ever.

Remote and mobile working can provide many benefits for your business, for colleagues, customers and suppliers, but it can also create cyber-security and data privacy risks.

  • Phishing email attacks
  • Employees using their own devices for work
  • Poor device security
    • filtering, firewalls and encryption may not be available
    • weak passwords and authentication
  • Keeping anti-malware and antivirus software up-to-date

The constantly evolving cyber-threat landscape means that your IT security for remote workers must be robust. This can be challenging for your organisation to manage.

Blueloop can help you maintain security for remote and mobile workers

Technology for laptops, tablets and other mobile devices is constantly changing, but Blueloop has the key experience to implement and customise the underlying operating system, whether that’s an IOS, Android, or Windows platform.
We employ key technologies adapted for remote and mobile working in the following areas:

  • Business application integration (inc. SQL Databases)
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Security Appliances – from Fortinet and others
  • Threat Management – from McAfee, Mimecast and Microsoft
  • Anti-virus & Spyware detection – from McAfee and ESET

Creating a remote working strategy

Our aim is to help your organisation balance the benefits and manage the risks of remote working, ensuring that you have the appropriate security controls to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

We can recommend and implement risk-based policies and procedures that cover all types of mobile devices being used for flexible working. Your business will be better prepared for an increase in the number of security incidents, and you’ll have a strategy in place to manage the loss.

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