Blueloop provides bespoke hosted applications and services for industry-specific software that is critical to your business operations. We work as a team to deliver the best solution and service to our customers.

  • Maintain high availability and avoid potential business disruption, loss of service and the resulting business costs
  • Protect application data from data loss, corruption, virus attack or malicious act
  • Benefit from Blueloop’s recommendations for Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

Creating a safe and secure IT environment

We have all seen how important it is for a business to be flexible and agile; IT systems need to reflect this by providing a safe and secure environment for staff, customers and suppliers to work within.
It’s critical for staff, wherever they are, to have secure access to create, update and maintain your core IT systems.
Blueloop offers flexible and easily scalable hosted application services to allow for the peaks and troughs of your business operations. Increasing or decreasing the number of licences required is a quick and cost-effective solution, and customers have full access to create, update and maintain the configuration of systems and data if they wish.

Secure system backups

Blueloop will ensure that your systems are backed up nightly against an agreed retention period, and collocated for disaster recovery (DR) purposes. All systems are patched monthly using an agreed maintenance window.

Easily accessible, local data-centre

Why go to the unnecessary inconvenience and expense of a lengthy drive to a data centre in a large, remote city? Customers using our hosted services can easily access our South-West based, Tier 1 Data Centre at Blueloop House to carry out any auditing requirements, or to maintain systems directly.

Who can benefit from hosted applications and services?

Blueloop provides these services to all types of business, including aerospace, global exporters, engineering, manufacturing, construction and many others.

Our accreditation

Our bespoke solutions ensure that each customer’s requirements are individually addressed; they are the key to our success. All our services are covered under our high levels of accreditation, including ISO9001, ISO27001, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.

Our hosted services include:

  • Managed Firewall
  • Web Proxy Services
  • Access through VPN and/or Secure Remote Access
  • Hosted hardware, including Servers, Racks, Switches, Routers, SANs, NASs
  • Hosted environment including Power, Environmental Control, Physical Security (Tier 1 compliant)
  • Hosted software integrated to customer specifications
  • Backups, Disaster Recovery, Patching, System Monitoring
  • Fully supported environment
  • User Management / Customer Support
  • Account Meeting and Reports
  • Monthly Reviews
  • Annual DR Testing and Report

Blueloop can also support the entire Hosting environment, including user creation/amendment, permissions, access issues, servers, and process or communication related issues.

Customers have access to our fully supported Helpdesk service; we follow ITIL Best Practice for Problem/Change Management, which runs in parallel to our hosted applications and services.

Call us on 01460 271055 to discuss your requirements, or send us a few details in the form below.

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