Most charities are, by necessity, becoming more and more digitised, but the security of their IT systems is an increasing concern.

According to the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2023, 24% of charities suffered a cyber security breach in the last year. Unfortunately, many organisations are unable to prioritise security funding, which frequently means they are an easy target for cyber attacks, as hackers exploit “security holes” they find in their IT systems.

Getting the best value on a limited budget

Blueloop understands that charities and non-profit organisations need value for money; our key objective is to provide financially justifiable IT solutions that support your growth.

We know that a lack of donations or government funding can often result in budget constraints, leading to a lack of investment in your IT estate and out of date equipment.

Added to this, compliance and legislation requirements make it hard for your organisations to monitor, audit and maintain your IT systems, putting further demands on staff to assess what is needed.

How we can help

Blueloop has worked with many charities over the years, providing IT consultancy, solutions and ongoing IT support to organisations in numerous sensitive environments.

Our services are completely adaptable to suit your organisation and your staff.

We know what works and what doesn’t; we’ll make sure your money is spent wisely, within your budget, on effective, scalable solutions that accommodate your workload during peaks and troughs.

Not-for-profit discounts

Using our network of preferred partners, we will, where possible, maximise value by getting not-for-profit discounts from vendors.

Planning your cyber security roadmap

Blueloop can also help with the security of your IT Systems. With our vast experience in cyber security, and as Cyber Essential practitioners, we can help you plan and implement a roadmap to Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditations.

Your staff and teams are your first line of defence to protect against cyber attacks, so we will support them in gaining a greater understanding around cyber security, showing them how to avoid or react to potential risks.

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