Secure your business files with our fully managed, off-site Windows backup services hosted in our Yeovil data centre. We understand the potential risks of hardware failures, software issues, or human errors that could jeopardize your computer systems, leading to data loss.

Backups allow you to recover lost data more quickly, minimising your organisation’s downtime, but on-site backups to local storage devices can themselves be damaged, stolen or just not set up to run as regularly as they should.

Take a proactive approach to data protection and business continuity by choosing Blueloop’s off-site Windows Backup and Recovery Service.

Blueloop’s off-site backup and recovery service offers the ideal solution. Call us on 01460 271055.

Why Choose Off-site Backups?

Off-site backups safeguard your data by storing it on a remote server. Unlike on-site backups – vulnerable to damage, theft, or irregular schedules – off-site backups add an extra layer of protection against malicious attacks and disasters.

Additional Features:

  • Managed Backup Process: Blueloop takes care of the entire backup process and resolves any issues as part of the service.
  • Reporting: Receive quarterly/monthly reports on backup success and storage usage to stay informed about your data protection.
  • Contract Terms: Enjoy a minimum contract term of 1 year, billable quarterly/monthly in advance, with no implementation charges for orders over £1,000 per annum.
  • Disaster Recovery Testing: Benefit from annual disaster recovery testing in the Blueloop Test Laboratory for orders over £2,000 per annum.
  • UK-based Hosting: Our services are hosted in the UK in our Yeovil data centre, providing a reliable and secure environment for your data.

Call us on 01460 271055 to explore how our solutions can safeguard your critical business data in Yeovil and beyond.

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