Organisations consider data management and security to be a simple nightly backup but Veeam believe there are 5 steps to data security nirvana and traditional backup is just the first.

  •     Backup: Back up all workloads and ensure recoverability of data loss or attack
  •     Aggregation: Manage data backup and recoverability across multiple environments with an aggregated view of SLA compliance
  •     Visibility: Deliver monitoring, resource optimisation, capacity planning, and built-in intelligence to improve
    multiple environment data management
  •     Orchestration: Move data to the best location across multiple environments to ensure business continuity,
    compliance, security, and optimal use of resources with an orchestration engine, that enables disaster recovery
    (DR) plans to be automatically and non-disruptively executed, tested, and documented
  •     Automation: Veeam's idea of nirvana in which data becomes self-managing, via data analysis,
    pattern recognition, and machine learning, and so automatically backed up, migrated to ideal locations, secured during anomalous activity, and recovered instantaneously

We are not at the Automation stage yet but it's good to set our sights high.

Blueloop work with Veeam to provide resilient data and system management solutions.


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