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forcepointContent Filtering or Information Filtering is the use of a IT application to limit access to unwanted or potentially threatening sites or communication.

Generally, this is split into two areas, Web Filtering and Email Filtering

Web Filtering limits access to particular types of sites deemed by your business management to be unsuitable. It may be that you do not wish your staff to use social media at work, access explicit sites or compromised websites, all of which could threaten your organisation’s Cyber Security and reputation.

Most Web Filtering applications provide reports that show which websites are being visited, by whom and for how long. Effective and appropriate Web Filtering can improve productivity from your staff and limits recreational web-surfing.

Email Filtering limits the type and content of emails that you receive into your inbox.

As the majority of malware is delivered by email, effective Email Filtering helps to minimise the risk to your business.  Email Filtering can also reduce the amounts of SPAM received and can block senders so that their emails never reach your mailbox.

Blueloop can supply a number of filtering products and would be delighted to advise on the most appropriate ones for your business.

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Nuclear Conference

Nuclear South West Conference 2019

The Somerset Cyber Group (with BLUELOOP being one of the members) will be exhibiting at the upcoming Nuclear South West Conference 2019 at The McMillan Theatre, Bridgwater on 2nd and 3rd October 2019.

With a theme of ‘Bringing Innovation to Nuclear’, this two-day showcase and conference highlights current and future opportunities in New Build, Decommissioning, Defence and new technologies, including SMRs. 

Our team will be on hand to discuss basic steps in good Cyber Security practice to ensure that all members of the supply chains, no matter how large or small, can ensure that they aren’t the weakest link.

For more information visit: or to book, visit: