Pen Testing


pentestBlueloop provides security and PENetration Testing Services for organisations.  

How comprehensive are your defences against a Cyber Attack? A security penetration test is a controlled and managed simulation of an actual system intrusion.  It provides a realistic experience of an attempted break in – whether from an outside intruder or from an employer or business partner.  During a penetration test, your security mechanisms as well as your intrusion detection and response capabilities as put to the test as a skilled attacker.

‘Deep-Dive’ PEN tests can be scaled according to the needs of the organisation, and your quotation will need to consider numbers of staff, number of locations, operational assets and type of organisation.

Highlighter-PEN tests are also available if you simply need an immediate appraisal of what could be achieved in a working day.  This solution is ideal for SME organisations or enterprise companies who wish to focus on one aspect of their business.  There are no ‘pulled punches here’, the challenge will be to break in and discover as much as possible as is the same of a ‘Deep-Dive’ but carried out during the limited timescales of the Tests. 

Using an extensive armoury of best-of-breed tools, utilities and social engineering, are constantly updated to simulate hacker methodologies. The suite includes commercial packages, as well as lesser known software designed to find security vulnerabilities associated with your business systems.  The best defence is to think like a Hacker :-

  • Blind or White Hat testing approaches
  • Simulated forced-entry and Denial of Service Attacks
  • Network mapping, Vulnerability identification and exploitation
  • Applied social engineering and physical security testing
  • System Password Cracking Integrity Testing
  • Security Policies and procedures verification
  • Change Management Program recommendations
  • Detailed report of findings and recommendations

Our security auditing uses four incremental and complementary tests.  We report after each test so that the knowledge and threats can be imparted quickly before moving onto further tests.

We offer a range of four PEN tests which can be offered in a four phased approach:-


No destructive tests are carried out as part of these tests without client instruction.  Destructive testing are those tests which have a negative impact on the business infrastructure making use of the vulnerabilities identified in order to breach the network. 

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