esetThe basic line of protection for computer systems is often the Anti-Virus program that runs on devices such as PCs, laptops, servers, and smartphones. Designed to originally detect and remove viruses, this function has now been expanded to protection from Malware such as Browser Hijacks, Trojans, Worms, Rootkits, Spyware, Keyloggers, Botnets and Ransomware.

Blueloop has always recognised the significance of implementing and maintaining an appropriate level of IT security for businesses and Anti-Virus plays an important role in this objective. Blueloop implements appropriate solutions from leading vendors such as McAfee, ESET and Sophos to meet our customer’s specific requirements.

However, Anti-Virus alone will not protect your business systems from today’s sophisticated and ever-changing Malware threat. Anti-Virus should form part of a comprehensive security strategy that includes:

  • Regular scanning of systems
  • Strong passwords
  • Regularly changed passwords
  • Patching systems to the latest level
  • Training staff to be vigilant and threat aware
  • Cyber Essentials and ISO27001 certification

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'In the Saddle' Charity Bike Ride

Following the success of the previous ‘Sponsored Jailbreak for BBC Children in Need’, the team at Blueloop felt they were long overdue to provide another Fundraising Event.We have finished

On Wednesday 15th August, it was National Cycle to Work Day and as a spin on the concept, the Directors and Staff decided to carry out a Sponsor Cycle Ride in aid of St Margaret’s Hospice.

LED Leisure very kindly donated the use of a Bike for the day which was very kindly delivered by Talon to Preston Road.

The team started at 8am and kept going throughout the day on a rota until 6pm that evening.

Group SponsorsWe were delighted to have a visit from Dave Woan, Yeovil Chamber, Richard Howes from KontrolIT and Stephanie Charles from LED Leisure who all took part with the team in achieving the spectacular 170 miles!


We really hope that you can help such a wonderful cause at:-