Hosted Desktop


hosteddesktopHosted desktops, also known as virtual desktops, will allow you to work from anywhere in the world at any time.

Hosted desktops remove the need for a 'traditional' desktop PC in an office environment, and reduce the cost of providing the services that you need.

A hosted desktop looks and behaves like a regular desktop PC, but the software and data you use are hosted in a data centre.

Access to your hosted desktop will be securely achieved over an internet connection via an existing PC, laptop, tablet or a thin client.

Among the benefits of a hosted environment are :-

  • A flexibility in working - Access desktops from anywhere at anytime.
  • Business continuity - Enterprise hardware & hosting means less down time.
  • Improved security - All data is safe, secure and backed up.
  • Business adaptability - Quickly scale and adjust your IT requirements as your business dictates.

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