About Blackmore

Blackmore was founded in 1900 by Thomas Herbert Brickell, with the original water wheel powered print works at Gillingham Mill. Today, Blackmore Ltd. are one of the UK’s leading green printers, winning many awards for their environmental credentials.

The company serve a broad range of clients, including large corporate companies and charitable organisations as well local, small businesses.

  • Date
    Since 2017
  • Client
    Blackmore Ltd.
  • Industry
    Printing and Design
  • Location
    Shaftesbury, UK

Blueloop’s Services to Blackmore

Modern printing companies are heavily reliant on information technology, from design systems and communications to data networking, storage and print production.

Blackmore’s leadership recognised that their IT infrastructure needed to be both reliable and available to enable them to meet customer demand for increasing quality and faster turnarounds.

Blueloop supports Blackmore with Managed IT Services, including proactive monitoring and day-to-day IT support via our dedicated help desk.

Blackmore’s Disaster Recovery

in April 2021, 37 Fire-fighters dealt with ‘one of the largest local fires’ that year with flames coming through the roof and vents. The fire was extinguished very rapidly but not before causing extensive smoke damage near the affected printing press and to Blackmore’s IT equipment.

Blueloop restored full access to Blackmore’s business systems within 24 hours. In fact, the company was soon able to get back into production printing 40,000 copies of the Blackmore Vale the same week!

How did Blueloop help with disaster recovery services?

Blueloop are heavily focused on business continuity and disaster recovery services. Blackmore’s experience highlights the importance of having a business continuity plan and disaster recovery services to protect your business.

Blueloop implemented off-site backups from Blackmore’s print works to their data centre. The backups enabled a live environment containing all of Blackmore’s email, files and data to be recovered. The disaster recovery process was documented and validated after implementation and is regularly tested to ensure it continues to be effective.

Blackmore invoked our services to host their systems and data until the relevant investigations were carried out and the insurance company had agreed and made provision for suitable replacements.

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