cctvWhat are the benefits of using a CCTV system?

A CCTV (closed-circuit television) system allows the use of videos cameras to monitor the interior and exterior of a property, transmitting the signal to a monitor or set of monitors.

More and more of us are switching on the benefits of CCTV security systems. In the UK it is now estimated that there are more cameras per person than any other country in the world.

Aside from the obvious advantage of being able to monitor your premises, the advantages of using a CCTV system can include :-

Deter criminal activity
Outside of being able to monitor your premises, a CCTV camera, when spotted, is probably one of the most recognised of deterrents.

Just like seeing a mounted alarm system, an intruder seeing cameras may decide that it’s easier and safer to move elsewhere. It’s much better to prevent intrusion than dealing with it after it’s occurred.

One study found that using CCTV in car parks resulted in a 51% decrease in crime; and in public areas, a 7% decrease in crime. Even the lowest figure of 7%, is a significant improvement.

Improved insurance rates
By deterring criminal activity, CCTV security systems can reduce your property insurance costs. You are less of a target, so the risk is lowered, which means the price of your insurance can decrease too.

“If you’re the victim of a criminal act and your business isn’t properly secured, you may find that your business insurance provider could question your claim and refuse to reimburse you for any loss.”

As well as being less of a target, CCTV offers evidence towards insurance claims that you may not have had otherwise. The more evidence you have to support your claim, the better, proving beyond doubt the circumstances surrounding your claim.

Peace of mind
A camera system can provide people with an increased sense of security and reassurance, particularly in areas where the crime rate is high.

Many of the more sophisticated models can be wireless, meaning they can be viewed and monitored from your smartphone or tablet. This gives you the ability to check in and review your premises at the click of a button, so your business security is always in reach.

Are you worried about your property security?

Protecting your business isn’t as complicated or expensive as you may think.zoneminder Modern security systems aren’t just for the larger businesses. A modest initial outlay or the use of Open-Source software such as ZoneMinder.

With its integrated set of applications ZM can capture, analysis, record and monitor. Zoneminder can provide your complete surveillance solution and when tailored to your requirements will help protect and prevent costly theft or damage to your business.

The technology is easy to understand, simple to use, and cost effective to maintain. Installing a CCTV system by thinking ahead now can save you a lot of money and stress in the long term.

If you would like to benefit from a CCTV system, get in touch today by contacting us online or by calling 01460271055.

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